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Made possible through a collaboration with University Utara Malaysia’s School of Economics, Finance and Banking, Promoting Inclusivity Among Malaysian SMEs: An Observation attempts to identify some key success factors among successful multiethnic SMEs in Malaysia that could be emulated to promote inclusivity among the young entrepreneurs.

This in itself is a challenge worth pursuing given the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural background that businesses in Malaysia have to contend with, in order to thrive.

After all, multi-ethnic inclusive environment requires mutual respect, effective relationships, clear communication, explicit understanding and trust about expectations and critical self-reflection.

Therefore, efforts must be directed at creating a thriving and inclusive environment where people of all ethnic orientations are able to collaborate in a harmonious and meaningful way so as to generate business growth and competitiveness, fruitful for the nation.

This latest publication of our market-driven research is timely for it provides practical overview to entrepreneurs operating in a multi-ethnic business environment. Broadly, it serves as a valuable knowledge tool for every discerning entrepreneur and as a source for researchers in the discipline of entrepreneurship to further expand the existing scope of studies and findings.