Create More Raving Fans
Through E-mail Marketing Campaign
Companies often list e-mail as one their most powerful marketing channels. With worldwide e-mail usage projected, businesses simply have to continue using e-mail marketing to reach audiences if they want scale quickly. It involves building a healthy list to segment, creating an array of templates, landing page creator and useful statistical analysis tools.
Discover multi-national company secrets on how they use e-mail marketing to reduce cost and generate more sales for their digital marketing strategy.
Learn how MadResponse can help you create simple and effective approach in building highly targeted personalize sales.
Offer unlimited list building, high e-mail delivery, built in survey, useful statistic tools, triggered automation and many functions to come.
Calling all agencies, marketers and business owners for this 2-day workshop, MadResponse is going to show you how to use Marketing Automation (the hot topic for 2017!) to execute high-impact Marketing Campaigns.
• Platform registration
• MadResponse introduction
• Future of email marketing
• Email Marketing Fundamental

Session 1: Platform setup
a) Creating list
b) Opt-in form
c) Autoresponder
d) Email campaign

Session 2: Automation
a) Campaign Follow Up
b) Custom List

Session 3: Funnel Creation
Session 4: Expanding the list